Desert without end…

It is said only the truly foolhardy willingly traverse the unmarked trails of the Tawl Rah’reften. All that awaits you in those dry wastes is thirst, struggle and death. Or so the stories go.

But there are other stories. Tales of lost cities, swallowed by centuries of sand; temples to forgotten gods even older than Agni; tribes and treasures beyond the dreams of the highest dragon-lords of Iritiyya; all just waiting there for those with enough daring in their hearts to claim them.

You have heard the stories. Fool’s myths to make the broken hopeful for more than they have. What concerns you more are the stories from the east. Rumours are spreading of a warlord, already legendary in their savagery, leaving a trail of blood and fire as they cross the shifting expanse. They are the blot on the rising sun, a shadow stretching further… Stretching closer… With every passing day.

Some claim the warlord is touched by Agni themselves, a cleansing wave preparing the way for the Three-times Monarch of the Heavens to return. Others claim they serve a darker force, set on toppling Agni from their anointed throne. It matters not; whether they come chosen or accursed, they must be stopped or they will be our undoing.

War is coming to the Tawl Rah’reften. And like it or not, those crossing the sands are right in the middle of it. May Agni guard our souls.


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